Finding Your Niche in Real Estate

Do you want to know one surefire way to fail at your goals? This is something I learned in business a long time ago, the hard way. Actually, I learned a lot of things the hard way, but this one sticks out to me because I was warned about it and still made the mistake.

If you want to be successful as a real estate investor, or any business, you need focus. Being a real estate investor is unique to a lot of other businesses, because it is fairly easy to get into and there are a lot of paths you could take. For these two reasons, it is very difficult to focus and succeed.

The longer you are in the business the more “opportunities” you will see. It might be a deal that is outside your focus, a partnership opportunity, or a multi-level marketing business. All of these could be very profitable, but together, none will work. There is always a shiny object you can chase, but it won’t be until you find and focus on a niche, that you will start to see your earning potential.

According to, a niche is a distinct segment of a market. In real estate, I would take this a step further and define a niche as a specific strategy AND segment of a market. For example, you might focus on houses worth $250,000 or less in a certain county that you can buy using hard money to fix and flip. Until you master one area and one strategy, I would not sway. If you get a great deal that just falls in your lap that is outside your focus, I would pass it along to someone who can handle it. With that said, once you master one niche and are making money, you can add another market or strategy. Until you reach your income goals with consistency, I would not explore another business that will suck your time. I get hit up all the time to join multi-level marketing companies with promises of riches. In the past I might have swayed, but I have made Pine Financial my focus and have become successful because of it.

To pick your niche, you should start by getting background in as much as you can. Read books, go to classes, and talk to other investors. Once you get a handle on your options, select a niche that you believe is relevant today and will be relevant in the future, where you see a large profit potential, that you know you have the ability to do, and that you think will be fun. Once you have a specific strategy picked out, you can work on a market. Match your market with the strategy to maximize profits. For example, if you are in new construction, you want to focus on areas that demand a high price per sq foot, if you are buying rentals you might look at lower price points within a certain mile radius of your office or home. A market is not limited to area, however. Other factors to consider include; size of home, beds, baths, unit mix for multi-family, values, rent rates and more.

I want to finish by stating that your niche will evolve as your grow your experience. Experience truly is the best way to learn. If you like it or not, you will learn if the niche you chose works and will learn ways to tweak your niche. Don’t mistake tweaking a niche with lack of focus. It is important to bring in feedback, adjust, and continue. Also, because you have flexibility with your niche, you are not stuck with it, eliminating the excuse of finding a niche before you start investing. Do the best you can and start investing today!

Do You Have A Plan In Place That Offers You Financial Security?

Some Individuals Perceive Financial Security As Something That Just Happens!

If This Is How You View It Then You Will Definitely Not Experience It!

Financial Security Requires A Sound Strategy But Creating It Is Not Rocket Science!

So are you currently content with your income generating methods? What is your hourly rate? Precisely how much time do you have to allocate in order to earn a one hundred-dollar return? Whatever the answers to these questions, at the end of the day it boils down to one simple fact! Essentially the money you earn is linked to time. It is commonly referred to as “trading time for money” and it is applicable even if you are a doctor or a lawyer! In most cases, this income method, by and large, does not yield financial security.

Undoubtedly some lawyers and doctors become millionaires! However, what are the financial outcomes for most of them? Picture this! I happen to be acquainted with a lawyer whose hourly rate is six hundred dollars. This individual has just turned seventy years of age and is in enormous debt! You might think that he or she ought to be retired at this stage and living comfortably off of his or her pension. That isn’t the way it is. This person must continue to earn. Would you wish to be in that situation? Ultimately it renders the idea of having a job, “Just-Over-Broke”, questionable!

Now You May Still Think That A Job Is The Best Path To Financial Security! Consider The Following:

Fine, let’s consider that you are still not convinced and the idea of not having a job is an uncomfortable thought. Add the idea of your retirement to the job scenario. How much time do you need to reach that point in your life? How much money will you need? You will undoubtedly have to have a solid financial strategy which no doubt entails having a savings plan. Furthermore, you’ll need an investment strategy too which means having some investment knowledge. If you don’t put any of this is in place, your retirement is jeopardy!

Be aware, that retirement means having a level of residual income so that you can meet your ongoing expenses. Note that the income stream generated from any type of job ceases the moment that the clock is turned off. That is the case even if you are paid six hundred dollars per hour! In my opinion, many people do not give this any consideration. So excuse my being harsh, when I state that this is a direct result of the “being told what to do” mentality! Most people function like docile cattle waiting to be slaughtered and their financial existences can be described in this same manner!

So What Is The Best Way To Establish Financial Security? No Doubt You Already Know The Answer!

Well hopefully you’re not assuming that I am about to urge you to purchase a supply of lottery tickets! Or advise you to wait for a wealthy relative to die! The chances of these events occurring are not in your favor. To wager on the possibility of that outcome is naive! If you genuinely want financial security it won’t appear on your doorstep or fall out of the sky! The ideal way to establish financial independence is through multilevel marketing! Now you may have a question or two regarding this so here are a few credible reasons:

Just about all multi-level marketing programs have minimal entry costs. Therefore it is unlikely that you will end up bankrupt. You can build your business on your own time and pace. However, understand that they are not “get rich quick” schemes! It will take a period of two to five years to create the required residual income so consistent work is imperative. A dedicated effort on your part will ultimately generate success and on that note, the key starting point is to approach this business model with a 7 Figure Thinking mindset!

Begin Now On The Proper Path To Financial Security! Discover The Essential Steps Behind Developing A “Seven Figure Thinking” Mindset!

How Financial Data Analysis Can Help Traders

Wise traders make a living from their trading because they know everything there is to know about the markets and end up making the right financial decisions to favor their investments. Whatever you are interested in from the financial markets, you can make it big by putting in efforts bound to take you higher with your investment. Sometimes a little change is all you need to have your investment working to your advantage.

However, it can be tedious trying to keep up with the global financial markets because of its size. There are thousands of sources you have to analyze and so many things to lookout for in the analysis if you are to get the best results and indicators. However, you can also use professionals to simplify your efforts of trying to stay updated with what is happening in the global market. Financial data analysis by the professionals can actually help you as a trader in more than one way.

· Through the data analysis, you can follow your favorite companies and get updated with the latest headlines, trends and sentiments whether they are positive or negative. You will also be amongst the first to know about company announcements that have impacts on your investments.

· The data analysis helps you get access to the information you otherwise would not have got to find out. Some happenings never come out in public or take considerable amounts of time before they hit the news. By being amongst the first to know, you can come up with strategies that direct you to the right path as far as your investment is concerned. The information can include mergers, IPOs, splits, dividend announcements, insider stock purchases and conference call highlights.

· Professional financial data analysis gives you access to reliable data from reliable sources, keeping you in the know from every angle. Serious traders know the importance of keeping up with every detail in the financial markets. This can be hard considering that there are thousands of sources. With professional services, it is made simple through categorization.

· The data analysis makes it possible for you to know who is gaining and who is losing. This is through market downgrade and upgrade reports that you get. It helps in making rapid decisions with your investment to ensure you are well cushioned by the outcome of either situation.

· Traders can follow their current investments and potential investments through the financial data analysis. The analysis will let you know when it is best to move and where to move to depending on the market outlook.

Data analysis also comes in handy in offering you guidance through your investments. You can use the professional analytic ratings and a point of view from the professionals to decide which way is best for you as far as the investments go. Sometimes it can be confusing, but with the right information and insights, you will have an easy time taking the right step or making the necessary changes